Hello Friends Welcome to all in my Blog  i am Ajmal Ameen Admin of this Blog i am completed MCA ( Master Of Computer Application ) but due to some personal illness i cant go any job in the past 7 years , so i am decided to work online from 2015 itself i started my job in online through some facebook friends and i learned many thing about online job , in online 90 % investment and free sites are fake or scam and some few job only 100 % trusted job and most of the job we need refferal without refferal its very hard to earn money through online.so i search everyday in online to get a new site at that time one of my facebook friend introducing me to join survey job . so i decided to join that site after joining that site i thought i cant do anything in that site because he is not teaching anything about that site so i slowly learned about that site its takes more than 4 months to learn and now i learned all the things about that sites .

Yes now i am doing Survey job as my full time through online in this job we no need to refer any one if we work we got money we no need to invest any money as well as we no need to refer any person. In this Survey job i earn per month 15000 Rupees without any single investment. 

So in this blog i going to discuss about this survey job if anybody interested you can contact me anytime through Facebook, Mail, or through my Mobile Phone.Thank You... 

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