Business Plan:

💰Buy Activation Pin of Rs.100

💰Start Provide Help of Rs.500 to someone who do link assign you

💰After Completion of Provide Help member will be activated automatically

💰After Activation member will get Rs.25 for Every Hour upto 40 Hours (25 x 40 = Rs.1000)

💰Growth 24 Hours

💰Direct Referral Income 50 Rupees Per ID

💰Direct Referral Income can be added in Wallet,Member can generate new pin using wallet.

💰Withdraw Time 9.00 AM to 12.00 PM

💰Get Help Time 12.00 PM to 6.00 PM

💰Minimum Withdrawal Rs.500 and Multiple of Rs.500


💎Pin 100 Rupees and Provide Help 500 Rupees == Per Hour 25 Rupees for 40 Hours.Total Get Help 1000 Rupees )

💎Pin 200 Rupees and Provide Help 1000 Rupees == Per Hour 50 Rupees for 40 Hours.Total Get Help 2000 Rupees )

💎Pin 400 Rupees and Provide Help 2000 Rupees == Per Hour 100 Rupees for 40 Hours.Total Get Help 4000 Rupees )

💎Pin 600 Rupees and Provide Help 4000 Rupees  ==   Per Hour 200 Rupees for 40 Hours.Total Get Help 8000 Rupees )
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My Whatsapp Link       : https://wa.me/919745328729

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