We are a Mutual Aid Fund, World people's Bank, Financial Social Network. The point is not in the title. The bottom line is that this is a voluntary informal association of millions and millions of people throughout the Earth, growing every day! We are a Community of people who are changing the world, people who have no guarantees of repayment of their funds, they donate money to help people, the same simple people as they are, in need at this moment.

💥Growth Money💥

Plan Details:

☑Joining Amount 500 Rupees

☑Single Leg Income

☑Level Income

☑Direct Income 100 Rupees

☑Franchise Income

Single Leg Income:

Most of the Single Leg Website we want to refer people to get income but Here we dont refer any members its automatically who can joined under company its come under our ID.We can check that in our Dashboard under Single Leg Team.Once that Single Leg Team Reached that Members our Income will Start.

Team Direct Income Daily
15 0 300 100
35 0 700 100

Level Income:
Level Income
1st to 5th Level 3
6th to 10th Level 2

Franchise Income:
Buy Epin Get Free
10 1
30 4
60 9
120 20
240 45

Terms & Conditions:

🆗Daily Closing

🆗Daily Payout

🆗Minimum Withdrawal 200 Rupees

🆗Imps Option

🆗You can Create Unlimited IDs

🆗Unlimited Earnings

🆗Admin Charge 10% & No TDS Charge

🆗Imps Withdraw Charge

For Registration:

Link : https://growthmoney.info/member/site/registration/GM104326

Sponsor ID : GM104326

For Activation Contact me in Whatsapp:

My Whatsapp Number : +919745328729

Interested Person Come to Whatsapp:

My Whatsapp Number : +919745328729

My Whatsapp Link : https://wa.me/919745328729

Join My Whatsapp Group:

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