Plan Details:

👉👉 Minimum Investment 1000 Rupees

👉👉 Maximum Investment your Choice

👉👉 Daily 5 to 10% Profit

👉👉 Weekly 7 Days ROI Income

👉👉 1st ROI Starts on after 2 Days of your Investment

👉👉 Minimum Withdraw Amount 200 Rupees but Need 210 Rupees in your Wallet

👉👉 50% Money will Receive as Payment and 50% Money Will Added on your Investment

👉👉 Withdraw Request Given as Manually and it will received on Minimum 2 Hours and Maximum 24 Hours

Level Income:

✅ Here we Have 5 Levels of Income

✴ 1st Level 5% == > Minimum 10 Person Required For 1st Level to get 2nd,3rd,4th,5th Level Income

✴ 2nd Level 2%

✴ 3rd Level 1%

✴ 4th Level 1%

✴ 5th Level 1%

Hi Friends, I am Ajmal Ameen and my website name is www.earnwithajmal.com, I am just an Online Investor.,earnwithajmal.com is not an Investment Company and also not provide any Guarantee or Warranty for your Investment.I am just Helping and Guiding who are working under me.,Website Details will be provide for only Registered members, Registration Fees 500 Rupees.. 

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